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  • Our pricing is subject to change.
  • Pricing does not include sales tax.
  • Sales tax will be charged on all accounts that do not have a completed sales tax exempt form on file. We will provide a downloadable copy if you do not have one.
  • Pallet deposit of $10 for each pallet when delivery only is selected.
  • Sod on prepared grade means that no grading equipment will be provided. We will only rake out what tracks or grade disturbances we make.
  • There will be an additional $0.10 per square foot, hand carry charge to areas non-accessible by machinery. It is up to the operator's digression to determine if your site is safe to spot the pallets. Very muddy sites will steep slopes, or sites less than 9 feet wide access will be deemed unsafe or inaccessible.
  • Purchaser must assume all risk of destruction or damage due to any and all acts of God, including but not limited to storms, floods, or any casualty created by nature.
  • Sprinkler systems must have all sprinkler heads clearly marked. B & B Sod cannot be held responsible for any damage to any sprinkler heads that are not clearly and accurately marked, nor improperly installed sprinkler lines. Sprinkler heads not clearly marked may also be missed and not cut out during sod installation, possibly damaging sod in that area.
  • Fine Grading- We only work 1-2” or less in the ground. Debris over 2” in diameter will be picked up and taken away, any debris under 1.5” will be left behind. It is also understood that any and all drainage problems are that of the purchaser. B&B Sod does not change nor fix any grading and or drainage problems due to a poorly graded work site. Some ground settling may occur after sod installation.
  • SOD MUST BE WATERED AT LEAST TWO TIMES DAILY, THREE TIMES IN TEMPERATURES IN THE MID TO HIGH 80’s FOR NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AFTER INSTALLATION. B & B Sod cannot be held responsible for sprinkler heads not properly adjusted thus not adequately watering sod causing the sod to suffer or die.