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We Make Beautiful Lawns a Lasting Reality

Quality Sod & Sports Turf

Create a beautiful, vibrant lawn with sod and sports turf from B&B Sod Inc. in Lapeer, Michigan. We offer a collection of grass blends, soil types, and seed varieties to ensure your grass stays green, bright, and healthy all year.

Convenient Service

Make sure you receive the right sod for the right situation. We offer everything from small pieces to pallets to large, 500 square foot (4ft x 125ft) rolls. Our team delivers the product right to your home or job site.

Sports Turf

Give your players a competitive edge by investing in one of our Pro Sports Turf blends. Ideal for the professional groundskeeper, our two blends are designed to withstand the heavy use of play.

Soil Options

Master is available on a rich, peat-based or clay-based soil. The Pro Sports Plus comes on a clay-based, loom soil or a sand-based soil. The Pro Sport blend is available only on a clay-based loom.

Quality Seeds

With great care, we select only the best seeds to grow your sod. We consider genetic color, spring green up, wear and drought tolerance, disease resistance, leaf texture, and root mass to ensure you get the best possible sod.

Contact us to help you grow a gorgeous lawn by using our sod or sports turf.