Providing Quality Sod Blends & Delivery & Installation Services
We Make Beautiful Lawns a Lasting Reality

As professional landscape contractors, you know that the finishing touch to your landscaping job is always sod. B&B Sod Farm is committed to providing a quality sod that will be the finishing touch to all your important jobs. 

Sod Farm Pick Up

The sod at B&B Sod Farm is freshly cut to fit your order. To pick your sod up from the farm, it is best to place your order 24 hours in advance. We say that because if you forget to order your sod, give us a call! We will do everything we can to be able to accommodate you. Call our office to get pricing and to schedule your sod farm pick up. 

Sod Delivery

 B&B Sod Farm has a great fleet of trucks to get any size sod order to you. We do not have a minimum about for our delivery. All orders are important to us. Our semi-trucks are equipped with forklifts. Whether you order pallets or big rolls, the driver will be able to place them around your job site. Sites with muddy, steep slopes, or access points less than 8 feet wide are not accessible. It will be our driver's discretion whether or not he can access those areas. When scheduling a delivery, it is best to do it 5-7 days in advance. if you need it sooner, we can do our best to be able to accommodate you. Pricing is available online.

Contact us to help you grow a gorgeous lawn by using our sod or sports turf.